A brand voice that unites and drives the message of your business is an invaluable tool that connects prospective clients with products and services. Emperor provides a service in copywriting to compliment and accentuate your brands image, character and ongoing story via website SEO, email campaigns, social media and press releases.

Your Voice

While no one quite knows your business like you do and surely you can string together a few sentences together, proper copywriting is more than a box to be ticked off on your website, social media, EDM or latest press release.

Effective copy is a skill that engages, educates, captivates and calls to action while communicating the very essence of your brand with character and voice. What powerful copywriting doesn’t do is sell your products, rather, it sells your business or goals and creates a relationship as you are the solution to their query.

Often, clients will waive copywriting services because quite simply, they too are capable of writing sentences in English. Granted, if you are the voice behind your business, surely, you can write something about it. While this is probably true, writing effective copy is a skill that brings together your values, tone of voice, and key messaging. Good copywriting addresses the needs and wants of your audience. Great copywriting will sell your products and services, so you don’t have to.

Your brand’s messaging is implemented in every facet of your business and requires continuity and congruence to build client certainty and trust. From your tagline, blog posts, emails to invitations, your consistent tone is the glue bonding your digital presence.

Website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Proper written content is one of the most cost-effective and functional ways to connect your solution with the eagerly waiting search engines that get millions of searches daily. The beauty of search engine optimised websites with language that answers the users query means that you are always on call to be connected with a potential long-term client.

For example, say you are a photographer.

They Google “Photographer in Brisbane” and your website is optimised with language that addresses this search.
You will be front and centre on the search results meaning:

  1. The prospective customer has passed straight to the recognition stage of your brand.
  2. They have immediately found your website, the digital HUB of your business.
  3. They engage and gravitate to your use of language to communicate your unique brand essence.
  4. This process was organic and cost you a fraction of the marketing cost while not cornering your client with invasive social media or digital ads.

Essentially, you’ve used you love for your business to turn a stranger’s problem into a solution that sprouts a professional friendship.

All through the power of effective copywriting.

Electronic Digital Mail (EDM)

Actionable copywriting language and using a Call to Action (CTA) is the driving force in a successful email campaign. Something as simple as language that strikes like lightning can be the catalyst in providing a valuable email experience to the reader. EDM is a way of touching base with your entire mailing list and remaining ever present in their mind without over-saturating or painting with a wide brush to whoever will listen.

In general, email campaigns are successful through communicating relevant subjects to the appropriate audience in the appropriate language.

This is your consistent voice providing a trusting message about your brand.

A recent study by the Direct Marketing Association found targeted emails produced 58% of all revenue for all surveyed marketers. This is due to the ability to drive a CTA to a suitable audience with the personalised language they speak, know and trust.

Social media

A post is only a good as the context it is provided.

An image might be worth a thousand words, but getting those words into a few sentences is where the copywriting craft really begins. Copywriting captions on social media add value to your post, audience and brand through accounting for the intended audience, the purpose of the message.

Value is the order of the day on social media, as posts written with highly contextualised captions engage more readers and highlight the message of your post, and your brand over time. The purpose of social media is engagement from others in a massive community on a global scale. Don’t neglect your brands social life and put your best foot forward with proper social copy.

Press Release

Press releases are a cost-effective public relations tool with a range of benefits to your business.

A well timed and written press release can communicate transparency in your brand in times of triumph or crisis. Well crafted hook in a release can get readers captivated by your story and allow the greater media to follow as it continually unfolds.

A strong headline, creative concept, and appealing copywriting can open up your brand to other websites, blogs, social media pages and more simply by acknowledging that you have a credible story that should be heard.

Good copywriting may be the difference between engaging your customers and making sales, or being glossed over like everyone else. If you need help with your copywriting, we can help! Our team can help you out with headlines, social media posts, email marketing and everything in between, don’t be afraid to contact us and get your business noticed.

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