In today’s technological age, social media has become essential for athletes to promote themselves as well as maintain and create new relationships with potential coaches, sponsors, matchmakers as well as keeping up with fans. Many athletes struggle with day to day posting for Instagram and Facebook so scroll down for some quick tips to maintain the quality of your content and overall brand. 

1. Be Professional
As an athlete, your name, your persona and everything related to it is your livelihood. You are the brand. Being professional in your posts, messages and comments creates great credibility and makes you more approachable by potential sponsors and fans.

2. Research Yourself
Hand in hand with being professional, researching your own social media is very important. Go through your current social media platforms and put yourself in the shoes of a fan or sponsor. Is there anything they might think is questionable? Have you given them a way to contact you? You can also use self-research as a method to see what kinds of posts are working with your audience and what is not, make sure you experiment to find the right formula!

3. Don’t Pass Up Good Content
It can be very hard to get good content as an athlete, it’s very hard to train and take photos at the same time. If the opportunity arises, ask someone to take photos for you! Or even better, hire a photographer to compile a good amount of photos and post them over time. Good content is the cornerstone to building a good social media following.

4. Engage Your Followers
Comments and messages are great ways for fans to contact you, ask questions and generally find out more about you. Make sure you take some time out of your day to reply to some of your fans! It shows a lighter side of you and will leave your fans happy.

5. Be Consistent
Much like your training, consistency is key. It can be hard to create good content between large events, to counteract this, save up multiple photos from one event and trickle them onto your social media platforms. Good training shots are also very valuable because it lets your fans behind the scenes to see how you manage to perform well.

Damien Brown, accomplished UFC veteran and friend of Emperor had issues with his social media like many athletes do. So Emperor created a detailed social media strategy coupled with professional content creation to help boost Damien’s following and audience engagement.

I think the importance of social media is obvious to everyone, but I never truly understood the importance of the content quality. Since using Emperor, it is obvious to me how much more reach and exposure quality content can get. I’m very grateful for Emperor’s work towards my business and image. – Damien Brown

By following these tips, you can start to create a more cohesive online personality and continue to grow your social media brand. If you’re having issues with your social media account, it is always recommended to talk to one of Emperor’s digital & marketing consultants. We can create a detailed social media strategy tailored to your audience.