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Anytime Fitness Case Study

Working within the parameters of an international franchise and standing out from the crowd.


Emperor works with over 17 Anytime Fitness franchises across Queensland and New South Wales offering:

PPC Advertising

Efficient pay-per-click advertising (PPC) campaigns with a seen 400% return on investment (avg. per customer converted over 12-month contract)

Boutique Service

Tailored graphic design, photography, and videography packages. As well as rigorous marketing strategies.


With over 4,000 franchises across 50 countries the Anytime Fitness franchise is a force to be reckoned with.

Awarding-winning Anytime Fitness franchisee Jordan Cowen saw the potential to push the Anytime Fitness brand to new heights. Jordan approached Emperor in 2013 for graphic design work which saw the start to a long and prosperous business relationship. Emperor produced photography, videography and created high quality on brand graphics for eight of Jordans’s Anytime Fitness locations across Brisbane. Knowing that he had to stand out for them crowd Jordan came to Emperor to create content specific collateral for his local area.

With the success of Jordan’s Anytime Fitness locations, Damian Coppolecchia saw an opportunity to replicate the success with his franchises. With the production of graphic design, photography, and videography as well as a rigorous marketing strategy Damian saw a 400% return on investment.

With Jordan seeing such success in his franchises he connected Emperor with Troy Cooper and Steve Rollings. Based in Townsville Troy Cooper works with Emperor remotely to roll out successful graphic design package for his three North Queensland clubs. With email being the main channel of communication Emperor produces work with a quick turnaround time. Emperor flies between their HQ in Queensland down to Steve Rollings’ Newcastle-based Anytime Fitness gym to create high quality engaging photography and videography work.

“Emperor have been our partner since 2013 working with all 11 of our clubs throughout the Brisbane area with traditional marketing and also with pre-sales. They have assisted us with content creation including graphic design, photography and videography. The Emperor team has been a great addition to our business often being able to deliver work with our tight deadlines. Their ability to uplift and emulate the Anytime Fitness branding is second to none. They integrate well and are respectful to all staff and club members to ensure they get the material needed for our marketing.”

Jordan Cowen- Developer

This relationship sees Emperor’s total of Anytime Fitness gyms worked with to 19 since 2013.


Emperor works hard to take clients businesses to a level above the rest while working within existing brand guides.

Working within the Anytime Fitness brand guide means adhering to the traditional soft gradients, and that iconic purple and blue colour palette that the world has learned to associate with Anytime Fitness. Creating multiple social media and digital advertisements every month for each gym whilst simultaneously creating videography and photography work to support the rigorous marketing strategy specific to each franchisee. Emperor focuses on creating professional content that has purpose and is driven by robust market research and 10 years of experience.



Graphic Design

Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

The purpose for our media creation for Anytime Fitness lays in our marketing strategy and campaigns. Through carefully created ads, we were able to run a successful campaign for Anytime Fitness Eight Mile Plains. Firstly we liaise with the gym owner and decide on an offer, target or overarching goal for the campaign.

PPC Campaign Ran By Emperor

Emperor ran a campaign with the goal of gaining new leads for Anytime Fitness Eight Mile Plains by giving away 30 x $350 gym membership vouchers. Gym owner Damian approved the vouchers and we went underway creating the marketing strategy and media for the campaign. We think the results of the campaign speak for themselves. Ads ran from April 1st – May 7th. With this ad set we reached 21,484 unique people and acquired over 170 Leads with a total spend of only $774. This equated to $4.55 per lead. We targeted a broad audience focusing on male and females aged 18-45 who are interested in fitness and strength training and are within 3 miles of the gym. One 12 month membership easily covers the cost of the ad-spend. If Anytime Fitness hit their conversion KPI of 50% of leads, then the overall income for the gym would have been over 90x the original ad spend.

Grow with Emperor

Whether you are interested in building your businesses’ brand by posting high quality media and content, or attracting new leads with online advertising, Emperor can help. We create with purpose: to help your business grow. 

If you like to work with Emperor, contact us today.